Poetry : We are on a journey by Peter asmour Arin

We are on a journey

To all a different path,
Call it destiny,
You must seek to find yours,
Imitation is limitation,
Just as you're unique,
Such is your journey,
Sometimes its a straight maneuver,
Sometimes its against the current,
Character is built from experience,
Show patience when it is slow,
Demonstrate humility especially when it is low,
Practice resilience when it can't grow,
Work with time,
All in the journey,
Make friends,
Respect enemies,
Part of the journey,
Make mistakes,
It could be bitter,
Get better,
Such is the journey,
Take risk,
Be prudent,
Lessons of the journey,
Seek adventure,
Enjoy every minute,
Secret of the journey,
Learn to forgive,
Forget the hurt,
Success of the journey,
Worry less,
Be creative,
Ways of the journey,
You can't know it all,
You can't have it all,
Strength of the journey,
You can't like everyone,
Everyone will not like you,
Wisdom of the journey,
Love hard,
Be happy,
Reason for the journey,
Every new day is a gift,
Make it a new experience,
The purpose of the journey,
Find your path,
You can be lost,
Disappointment of the journey,
Don't be afraid of a fresh start,
It is another opportunity,
Ingredient of the journey,
Onward travel,
Find your paths,
Keep discovering yourself.

Peter asmour Arin©
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